SPF Rating

What is a School Performance Framework?

For a brief explanation of the SPF, click on this link: https://www.dpsk12.org/what-is-the-school-performance-framework/

We use a color-coded rating scale to show at-a-glance how schools are performing, ranging from our highest rating, distinguished (blue), to our lowest rating, accredited on probation (red). These ratings were designed to provide schools with both the proper incentives and necessary supports needed for building competitive schools throughout the district.


What is Lowry’s rating on the 2018 SPF?

Based on 2016-17 and 2017-18 data, Lowry has received a rating of Accredited on Watch . We are proud of our academic accomplishments at Lowry and have a lot to celebrate when it comes to student success. Specifically, we maintained our high academic growth rating for the school, which shows our students are making progress year to year. We are rated “Meets Expectations” in closing the academic gap for our English Language Learners. We also grew in Family and Student Engagement from the 2017 to the 2018 SPF.

We also know we have work to do, specifically in supporting traditionally underserved students. We are addressing the academic gap for students of color, students in poverty, and students with disabilities in a variety of ways. We have restructured professional development for teachers to include significant attention to the backwards planning process and individual student data. Teachers receive weekly coaching and feedback from school leaders, network coaches, and Senior Team Leads. Lowry restructured supports for the whole child this year by shifting our leadership team to include a Dean of Culture. Our Dean of Culture manages the student support team and works to promote and provide a positive school culture and to end the disproportionality of disciplinary action towards students of color.

We are confident that the actions we are taking as a school family will make an impact on the lives and education of our students.


SPF 2018 English

SPF 2018 – Spanish

SPF 2018-Arabic