SPF Rating

What is a School Performance Framework?

The School Performance Framework is a tool used by Denver Public Schools to provide feedback to schools regarding areas of success and areas of challenge. It also assists the district in reporting to the state which schools, per their recommendation, are accredited. The School Performance Framework is unique in that it evaluates schools in several different areas including student growth, student engagement and parent involvement.

What is Lowry’s rating on the SPF?

The possible ratings on the SPF are Distinguished, Meets Expectations, Accredited on Watch, Accredited on Priority Watch and Accredited on Probation.  These ratings were designed to provide schools with both the proper incentives and necessary supports needed for building competitive schools throughout the district.  Based on 2016-2017 data, Lowry has received a rating of Meets Expectations . We are proud of our academic accomplishments and will continue to focus our attention on increasing student achievement at Lowry.  At the same time, we are continuing to look closely at our student growth, specifically that of our students in subgroup categories:  special education students and African/Hispanic/Native American students.  Lowry has very high standards for all of its learners.

Lowry SPF Rating

Lowry SPF letter