About Our School

Teacher helping a student in class

Lowry Elementary is an ECE to 5th grade school located in the Southwest neighborhood of Lowry in East Denver. We are a modern building located on one-level with expansive grounds and is fully air conditioned. Lowry serves 350 students in 20 classrooms representing a diverse cross-section of Denver. 

At Lowry Elementary, our mission is to foster a joyful school family that is committed to authentic belonging and personal excellence in our diverse global community. Our vision is to create unstoppable learners who embrace inclusion and achieve their full potential. We serve to educate the whole child and place equal emphasis on social-emotional and academic learning. Every day Lowry students SOAR – we are Safe, Open-Minded, Accountable and Respectful.

Our diversity is our superpower! Lowry families value and appreciate the true diversity that is Lowry Elementary. Students come from all over the world with 25 languages spoken by families. With no racial majority and students from a variety of economic backgrounds, Lowry students bring unique perspectives to share and in turn gain a larger perspective on life that helps prepare them for the real world.

Lowry is committed to social-emotional learning. We utilize a full suite of tools to ensure that students understand their emotions, develop a strong sense of self-regulation and how to problem solve when conflict occurs. The Conscious Discipline program is woven throughout the day and offers a variety of routines and rituals to help students feel connected to their school family and learn how to identify and process their emotions in a safe and productive way. Staff values restorative justice processes and work closely with students to identify the root cause of problems and seek productive solutions rather than doling out punishment. We are fortunate to have Connect Us facilitate a safe and inclusive playground time while guiding students through negotiation and conflict resolution strategies.

Lowry’s teachers are top-notch and truly dedicated to helping students develop and learn. They put students first each and every day and truly care about your child. Each teacher strives to know their students and make connections that will help guide students through the elementary journey. Our families regularly identify Lowry teachers as the best part of Lowry.