Gifted and Talented

Group of students in class

Nicknamed ACES (Academically Creative and Exceptional Students), Lowry’s gifted and talented programming is provided through enrichment classes to all students who qualify for gifted and talented services. Programming is also provided to students who have shown at least one indicator that demonstrates a potential for identification as part of the talent pool. 

Students receive academic push in/pull out programming on a weekly basis in literacy, math and science (currently fourth grade only). Literacy programming encompasses book studies and extension menus. As part of the Global Read Aloud, students read books and have conversations with students from around the world to share our thinking and work on recognizing and appreciating other cultures and perspectives. Math enrichment focuses work on logic and problem solving and offers extensions on the learning taking place in the regular classroom.

All students who are identified with a need for gifted and talented programming also participate in weekly social emotional groups to support their affective needs and goals. Affective needs groups focus on supporting the asynchronous development of gifted students’ cognitive and social abilities as they learn to set and meet social emotional goals.

All students in kindergarten and second grade are screened for gifted and talented abilities each fall utilizing the NNAT assessment. Families of students in first, third, fourth and fifth grade may opt in to gifted and talented testing. There are no normed tests available for ECE students. For more information on opt-in testing, please visit the DPS Website.