Gym, Art & Music

Students playing in gym class

All Lowry students participate in our Specials Classes.  Students rotate daily through PE, Art, and Music. 


In Physical Education, students try out a variety of different activities, including some that most students may not get exposure to outside of school.  The goal in PE is for students to find something that they like to do and will continue to do throughout their life in order to stay healthy and active.  Throughout each year, students explore a different sport (basketball, soccer, football, softball/baseball and volleyball are taught on a five year rotation), gymnastics, dance and physical fitness.  In physical fitness units, students gain a solid understanding of how their bodies work and how physical activity helps to keep their bodies strong and fit, while doing a variety of fun activities such as the climbing wall and cargo net.  


The Art Room at Lowry is a place for creative thinking and open-ended art making.  Students are encouraged to draw inspiration from a variety of sources including different artists, literature, nature or from within. A common theme throughout art is our environmental impact and doing our best to conserve resources.  During each art time, students choose from a variety of different art making stations where they utilize a variety of different mediums such as crayons and markers, watercolor and tempera, printmaking, fabric arts, animation, and soon clay.


In Music, students are active in making and listening to a wide variety of music.  Throughout the year, students sing, play instruments, move to music, and learn how to read, create and compose music.  The goal in Music is for students to develop a lifelong joy and appreciation for music as patrons and consumers.