Our Curriculum and Approach to Learning

Student holding two pictures up

Lowry Staff is committed to differentiated instruction that meets the needs of individual students. Academic learning primarily occurs in small groups of similar ability students. This small group work allows us to meet students right where they are at, addressing their current needs and providing support and challenge as needed. Teachers and paraprofessionals provide small groups instruction within a classroom. Students who need extra support also work with our Intervention Teachers or Gifted and Talented Teachers.

Teachers assess student learning and growth on a weekly basis through a Data Driven Instruction approach to teaching. This allows our teachers to ensure that each student is being challenged appropriately within their ability levels. Students are given daily opportunities to engage in rigorous tasks and exhibit higher level thinking.

Teachers utilize the following curriculum in their classrooms:

Conscious Discipline

Conscious Discipline is our social emotional curriculum that is used in all grade levels and classrooms. In addition to distinct learning blocks for each day, a variety of Conscious Discpline routines are embedded throughout the day that develop our students’ awareness of their emotions and ability to self-regulate their emotions as well as feeling safe and connected to their school family.


Tools of the Mind is a comprehensive play-based math, literacy, science and social studies curriculum. It is based off of how the developing brains of our earliest learners learn (through play and hands-on activities) and recognizes that successful learning depends on developing the underlying cognitive, social, and emotional skills. Students participate in multiple theme based units each year such as animals, farmers market, pirates, and Egypt that incorporate learning in all subjects.


Throughout the school, teachers work with students on the science of reading, phonemic awareness and phonics, challenging students to grow within their ideal learning zone.

Our Kindergarten through second grade classrooms utilize CKLA for Literacy for daily literacy instruction. This utilizes a diverse set of authentic text in a variety of subjects to grow students reading.

Our third to fifth grade classrooms utilize EL Education. Students do in-depth book studies of three to four books a year, exploring a variety of different genres and text types.


First to fifth grade uses Bridges Math. This curriculum focuses on students gaining a deep mastery of concepts so they understand the why behind math concepts. The curriculum spirals so that students revisit the same concept again and again throughout their elementary years gaining a deeper understanding as their knowledge grows. The use of manipulatives and models to help learners construct, understand and apply mathematical ideas.

Science and Social Studies

First to fifth grade classrooms utilize  Science is taught using Amplify Science. Social Studies is taught through the literacy curriculum CKLA.